čtvrtek 7. července 2005

Luntclipse - Luntbuild Eclipse Plugin


19.9.2005 - Luntclipse 0.0.2 released (see changes)


Luntclipse is Eclipse plugin that provides functionality for working with builds. It is possible to watch status of any build or trigger a build in any build schedule. Luntclipse communicates with Luntbuild through Hessian web service protocol and HTTP (log detail). Luntclipse possibilities are limited by range of APIs exported by Luntbuild.

Feature List


  1. download Luntclipse 0.0.2
  2. If you are currently using a previous version of Luntclipse, you must first uninstall the previous version.
  3. Unzip contents of the zip file to the Eclipse "plugins" directory and restart Eclipse.
  4. Configure preferences for the plug-in, go to Window > Preferences > Luntclipse. Change luntbuild URL eventually user or password.
  5. From the Window/Show View menu, choose Other -> Luntclipse -> Luntbuild to open the view


Changes since version 0.0.1
  • fix the bug com.caucho.hessian.io.HessianProtocolException: unknown code:
  • fix the bug Unhalted event loop exception


  • customizable highlighting in log detail (Now is highlighted each line matching with regexp .*[junit].*)