úterý 21. listopadu 2006

CZJUG listopad 2006 Java EE 5 a testovací frameworky

Jenom pro pořádek, protože to již všichni víte, ve čtvrtek nás čeká pravidelné setkání CZJUG tentokrát na téma Java EE 5 a testovací frameworky. Prezentace si pro nás připravili Bruno Bossola a Filippo Diotalevi.

Automatic testing of Enterprise Applications using Open Source tools

In actual enterprise level applications, either web or services based, it's more and more necessary to have a suite of tests to be executed automatically in order to prevent regressions of the system. Commercial tools actually available are quite expensive and they often retain high levels of complexity or too high learning curves. In this session you will be introduced to some mature open source tools, with particular reference to FitNesse for services test and Selenium for web applications test.

From J2EE to Java EE

How the new version of JavaEE affects the way we design and develop applications; how J2EE core patterns change, a few words on the Project Glassfish. The goal of this presentation is to give the listener a brief overview of the new features of the new Java Enterprise Edition platform, and explain how these new features will impact the way we design and develop enterprise applications.

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